December 7, 2009

Promotion Radio Gibbon

Promotion de "Radio gibbon", en direct ;
Promotion of "Radio" Gibbon, Live :

MIDWEEK, Radio BBC 4,Wed 9 Dec at 9 am (Mercredi 9 decembre)
Listen live here,

BBC BREAKFAST TV Interview, BBC 1, Thus 10 Dec, 8 am (jeudi 10 decembre)

Interviews all over UK on 13 local radio stations via satellite from 10 am to 1 pm on Wed 9.
Interviews sur 13 radio locales via satellite le 9.


Prénom : Nadège said...

Ecoutez l'inteview de Chanee (24ème min) donnée ce matin sur la radio BBC4 pour la promotion du film "Radio gibbon" diffusé demain 10 Décembre à 21h sur la BBC2, (film de 60min, série BBC Natural World) :

Listen to the Inteview of Chanee (24th min)given this morning on the Radio BBC4 to promote "...Radio gibbon" will be released tomorrow 10th Thursday at 9pm on channel BBC2, (60 minutes film from “BBC Natural World”) :

Regardez un extrait du film "Radio Gibbon" ici / Look an extract of the film "Radio Gibbon" here :

Regardez l'interview de Chanee sur BBC news diffusée ce matin / Watch the interview of Chanee on BBC news broadcast this morning :

Nouvelle interview de Chanee sur "The BBC's International Radio Station" + un nouvel extrait du film "Radio Gibbon" !

New interview of Chanee on "The BBC's International Radio Station" + a new extract of the film "Radio Gibbon" !

Toan said...

I just watched the BBC Radio Gibbon. It was absolutely amazing and the inredible work you do Chanee.

I wish the BBC had included a link on the documentary to your website.

Is there a way for viewers to donate money to your foundation? I could not find it on the Kalaweit Radio wesite, or on your blog.

Keep up the great work.

Anonymous said...

Interviews et Film = SUPERBES!!! Félicitations!!! C'est dans la poche!

Anonymous said...

to Toan:
check donation at for more info on donations.

Anonymous said...

Dear Chanee
I watched your program on BBC2 last night, and it was inspiring.

You and your team do fantastic work. I'm glad the plight of wild animals being killed so babies can be sold as pets, or so that their habitat can be used for palm oil plantations, is being given airtime.

What a great idea to utilise the means of a radio station to get the message across. Hopefully the next generation will realise that the gibbons - and all other wild animals - belong in the forest.

Best wishes to all in the project.
Samantha, Newcastle, UK

davferman said...

Saw your programme last night.

A wonderful, informative and moving piece of television.

Good luck for the future.


Anonymous said...

After watching the Radio Gibbon programme I wanted to say how great it was to see such deictaion to protecting and helping wildlife. It was obvious how much hard work and love you put into your project and it was good to see local people being educated by the radio station - if they can see that the gibbons are better off in the wild then hopefully they will stop taking babies.
Inspiring programme and a wonderful glimpse into the world of the gibbon. And an extremelly cute baby to finish the show, I hope he is doing well in your care!

Tony said...

Was moved by the work that you and your group carried out in trying to save the gibbons, and trying to get the message across at the same time!

Tony, UK.

A.B.Chanee said...

thanks a lot for your messages and support. I'm now back to Borneo. for donations, have a look to our website Thanks again. Chanee

Anonymous said...

Hi Chanee, thanks for the work you and your team are doing.

I would like to become a part of 'Kalaweit Friends'. If I donate using pay pal, will I be added to the friends mailing list etc?


Verde que te quiero verde... said...

Just saw the documentary on TV here in Spain...inspiring! Keep up the amazing work, admirable dedication and thank you for making the world a better place!