August 25, 2010

Article and series

 Article sur Kalaweit dans Ushuaia Magazine de ce mois. La série « Good Morning Kalimantan » passe tous les dimanches à midi sur SIC TV au Portugal.

Article about Kalaweit in Ushuaia Magazine (France) this month / The series « Good Morning Kalimantan” is broadcasted every Sunday on SIC TV in Portugal

Artikle tentang Kalaweit di majalah Ushuaia di Perancis. Serial "Good Morning Kalimantan" di siarkan di Portugal setiap hari minggu di SIC TV.

Opening Series "Good Morning Kalimantan"


Anonymous said...

Yes, it's true! I'm portuguese and I'm watching the series every Sunday ehehe :)

cr0x said...

Yeah, me too! Too all of the team: Keep up the great work!!

nanda said...

channe hello, I am a true lover of nature and everything living on it, of all animal species love to see your programs that happening here on Portuguese television. Only a very special person with a big heart and love to enjoy, and do something for animals, good luck! and who can achieve whatever you want more. I'm standing here and seeing the good things that makes living beings and animals that are special ... kisses nanda

Ace Bourke said...

I am loving your programs on the ABC, I very much admire your work, and intend to visit Kalimantan next year. Ace Bourke (A Lion Called Christian)